Kids/Youth Classes

Kids Over 'n Under

This 45 minute class  is a great way for kids from 4 - 9 years to have fun and get active.  Children will be challenged with various obstacle course challenges testing their speed, strength and agility.

Youth Over 'n Under

This 45 minute class is for youth aged 10 - 13 years old,  similar to our Kids Corner class youth will be challenged with more advanced obstacle course  challenges and tests of their speed, strength and agility.

Energy Boost

Adult Over 'n Under

A 45 minute obstacle course fitness class - its just a fun way to workout!  This class will work your strength, agility and speed. You will strengthen your upper body,  grip and core, improve your coordination and get a total body workout.   This fun filled class leaves you feeling energized and agile!

The LunchBox

A 30 minute express workout combining body weight training, circuit training, and a blast of high intensity interval training.  Studies show physical exercise help to improve cognitive functioning and work efficiency.  Take a step away from work and return feeling re-energized and re-focused.

Powered UP! Partners

This 1 hour class  is for individuals looking to train with a partner,  all exercises and activities are designed to be performed with a partner.    Bring your partner or a friend and get ready to team train through body weight training, stability ball exercises, and a fun finish with obstacle course challenges.

Kickbutt Cardio Class

This 45 minute power packed cardio workout focuses on improving your cardiovascular health and increasing strength.  Starting with circuit training exercises to tone and strengthen your core and ending with high intensity interval training to really get your heart pumping.  Put your cardio to the test and have some fun with this class!  

Women's Stress Reducer

A 1 hour class for women to work out together,  a great way to relieve the tension and stress of the day and get some away from day to day pressures.  This class combines functional fitness, body weight training, core strengthening exercises, and end with a round of obstacle course challenges.

Stretch, Strengthen and Tone


This 1 hour class is all about balls!  Exercise balls that is….stability balls, slam balls, balance balls…This fun class will work and tone all your muscle groups,  improve core strength, flexibility, and balance. 

Gentle on the Joints

This 1 hour older adult class combines Pilates exercises, stretch bands, stability balls,   and functional fitness exercises.  Improve core strength, posture, balance, and flexibility.  Feel stronger, more agile, and energized with this class.